Who we are

We are an innovative company specialized in the production and distribution of high quality vegetable oils.

The soul of life

Zenat International Group S.L.

Spain | Bizkaia
Calle Sarrikobaso 20B
Getxo – 48991


In 2013, two young entrepreneurs, Fran Arrese and Josu Trebolazabala, experts in marketing and molecular gastronomy, lovers of haute cuisine and nature, decided to create the ambitious project of “Zenat International Group S.L.”

After years of research in the development of healthy and innovative oils, they decided to start the production of avocado oil, being pioneers throughout Europe.

Due to the strong demand required from the food and cosmetic sectors, we decided to expand the production range to other premium oils.

Currently, our production includes the extraction of healthy oils such as olive, avocado and dried fruits, with crude, refined and cold pressed qualities (virgin and extra virgin).

Experts in the production of avocado, olive and dried fruits oils, in cold pressed, crude and refined qualities.