Hazelnut oil, also known as hazelnut oil or hazelnut oil, has accompanied our ancestors for a long time and today it is one of the most precious oils in the world. In ancient times, hazelnuts were harvested to feed themselves and at the same time, they were used to make oil in a rudimentary way. Nowadays, its use has spread both in the food and cosmetic sectors, as it contains multiple benefits.

And how is this oil obtained?

To obtain this oil, you must first extract the fruit of the hazelnut tree that can be found in the forests and temperate regions of the northern hemisphere. As a curious fact, the Spanish colonizers called it “Chilean hazelnut” because of its resemblance to the European hazelnut, however, the collectors today call it Gevuina, “beautiful flower” in Mapudungún.
Once we have the raw hazelnuts, we proceed to cold press them. This results in pure hazelnut oil, which contains an important percentage of nutrients and valuable vitamins.

This results in a vegetable oil, composed of numerous essential fatty acids, which contains nourishing and very moisturizing properties for cosmetic use. Although this vegetable oil stands out for its cosmetic uses, its applications in the food industry are becoming more and more frequent, both for its flavor and for its nutritional value. Thanks to its composition of liposoluble bioactive fatty acids, vitamins (A, B and E), minerals (selenium and calcium), essential amino acids, etc., this oil contributes to lowering blood pressure and has anthelmintic and anti-anemic properties.

In addition, the potent minerals present in hazelnut oil help us to regulate our calcium levels and strengthen our bones, teeth, muscles and joints. Also, it helps us to improve our brain function and because of the large amount of fiber that hazelnut oil has, it can be very positive for our digestion process.

“Hazelnut oil is an ideal product, thanks to the important properties and nutrients it contains”.

As mentioned above, it contains a large amount of lipids, since it is an oleaginous fruit. For this reason, this oil is increasingly used in the cosmetic industry, thanks to the fact that it is a vegetable oil that provides deep hydration. In addition, its high vitamin E content protects the skin from harmful effects that can damage it, such as free radicals or the sun’s rays, thus preventing dark spots and premature aging.

These important properties and nutrients that it provides to our skin make Hazelnut Oil an ideal product for the treatment of damaged skin, scars and burns, among others. But it is also useful for hair and eyelashes.

How is hazelnut oil used?

Now that we know hazelnut oil, we will explain how to make good use of it:

  • We can integrate Hazelnut oil into our diet as a complement to other foods. For example, it can be used cold as a salad dressing or as a condiment for meat and fish before consumption.
  • It can be used as a body moisturizer and as an ingredient in cosmetic formulations.
  • Also is perfect to soothe irritations and is widely used as a massage oil.
  • Can also help to repair damaged hair. To do this, apply a few drops to the hair and massage it for a few minutes.
  • Strengthens the hair of eyelashes, eyebrows and beards in small quantities. It is recommended to apply it at night to favor a deeper action.

We hope this article has been of great help to you and we encourage you to try this type of oil. When you try it, let us know what you think!