In the previous post, we gave you a brief introduction to what avocado is, how it is preserved and how we can eat it. Today, however, we want to introduce you more to the world of avocado and that is why we are going to talk about the unknown benefits of the oil obtained from this fruit.

But what makes avocado oil so different?

Avocado oil is one of the best oils for everyday cooking. Most vegetable oils are extracted from the seed of the plant, whereas avocado oil is extracted from the flesh of the avocado, which contains around 20 minerals and vitamins. This allows all the flavor and nutrients to be retained during processing, resulting in fantastic, healthy cooking oil.

And what are the benefits that we obtained?

These are 7 benefits that can be obtained from avocado oil through food consumption, as long as it is processed by cold pressing:

  • Prevents heart-related diseases, such as cardiovascular diseases, thanks to the richness of monounsaturated fatty acids.
  • Helps to lose weight as it does not contain saturated fats.
  • Delays aging due to its antioxidant effect.
  • It is good for combating arthritis.
  • Protects the health of our eyes and delays the aging of the cells of the ocular system by virtue of omega
  • Helps your body absorb nutrients.
  • Prevents gum disease

In addition, by using it as a cosmetic, we can obtain different benefits:

  • Prevents wrinkles in dry and mature skin.
  • Reduces stretch marks.
  • Anti-inflammatory and soothing effect on the skin: helps protect the skin against the sun’s rays and cares for problem skin such as eczema thanks to its anti-inflammatory effect.
  • Prevent split ends: A drop of avocado oil on damp or dry hair can prevent split, dry, and damaged ends. Use both hands to spread it well and massage it into the ends of the hair. If you have very dry hair you can apply it daily, otherwise once a week would be enough.
  • Nourishes cracked heels.
  • Combats dandruff and hair loss.
  • Perfect for dry elbows.
  • During pregnancy: keeps the skin of the belly elastic and hydrated, to prevent stretch marks.
  • Nourishes eyebrows and eyelashes: you can achieve fuller and longer eyelashes.